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A NEW PROGRAMME Rgh Mini Doubler – Cash Flow Platform

Deposit: 10$ - 500$ per person
ROI: 110% per day
ROI increases for 2-3% every third day up to 130% and then it goes back to 110%.
Reinvestment: mandatory reinvestment of the deposit.
Payouts: automatic every 24 hrs
JUST LAUNCHED on 24 June 2017 –a new programme Rgh Mini Doubler – Cash Flow PlatformDeposit: min. $10, max $500 per person
ROI: 110% in 24 hours and it increases 2-3% every third day upto 130%.
· After 24 hours, you get your deposit plus ROI.
· When it reaches 130%, it starts again at 110% and keeps increasing 2-3% every third day up to 130%.
· ROI increases 2-3% every three (3) days, going up to 130%, then it goes back to 110% and keeps increasing up to 130% again.
Mandatory Reinvestment of the deposit after you receive your payout (or reinvestment of your deposit plus part of ROI, or the deposit plus 100% ROI).
Payouts: automatic and instant to Payeer daily, min. $0.10
Payment processor: Payeer
Referral commission: 3%
An example of earnings for a deposit of $100:You earn 110% in 24 hours: you get your deposit $100 and earnings of $10, total $110.
Every third day, ROI increases 2-3%:
- from 110% it goes to 113% on the third day, you earn $113 in 24 hours
- then it goes to 116% on the third day, you earn $116 in 24 hours
- then it goes to 119% on the third day, you earn $119 in 24 hours
- it keeps increasing 2-3% every third day until it reaches 130% in 24 hours and you earn $130
- from 130% it goes back to 110% and starts increasing again 2-3% on every third day
- the process keeps repeating: from 110% in 24 hours to 130%, with 2-3% increase on every third day.
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уторак, 02. мај 2017.


Every matrix payment will bring you 2 positions. First one will go to your sponsor's downline, and the second one to the first available matrix position (forced method).
- In stage 1 achieved earnings from the matrix is ​​0.005 btc, you will get a position in a cycler, which will after the cycling earn you 0.02 btc. Each cycler is cycling 2 rounds so that the total earned income from the cycler is 0.04 btc + 0005 earnings from the matrix, which is in total 0.045 btc.
- Stage 2 earns 0.08btc in the matrix and 2x0.05 btc in the cycler, which is in total 0.18 btc. Also, here you will get one new position in the matrix.
- Stage 3 earns 0,12btc in the matrix and 2x0,29 btc in the cycler, total 0,7 btc. Here you get 8 new positions in the matrix, and 2 positions in the cycler C4.
- Stage 4 earns 3,61btc in the matrix, at this level you will get 4 positions in the cycler and from the previous S3 level you have 2 positions. In total you will have 6 positions in the cycler C4 which will earn you new positions once the cycle is over and earnings of (0,38x6) x2 = 4.56. Total earnings at this level is 8.17. Here you will get 56 new positions in the matrix and 12 positions in the cycler C5.
- Stage 5 earns 16.776 btc in the matrix. From the previous level you get 12 positions in the cycler C5 and 5 more cyclers C5 you will receive at this level. Total earnings in this cycler is (0,9x17) x2 = 30,6 btc. At this level, you will also get 2 cycler C6, from C5 cycling you will get one more position in C6 cycler so that you have a total of 36 positions in the cycler C6, which will earn you 187,2 btc. Total earnings at this level is 234,576 btc. At this level, you'll open new positions in 1790 new positions in the matrix.
It should be noted that it is possible to purchase positions in the cycler independently of the matrix. Positions in the cycler are cycling as described above.
The total potential earnings for just one position in the matrix is ​​234,671 btc. By registering on the site Jolly5xpander you will get 2 positions. Progression through the levels of the matrix to the Stage 5 you will receive a total of 1,856 new positions in the matrix. Positions in the matrix are queued (they are filled row by row).  Excellent :)


Very soon: Xpander Visa prepaid debit card